411 V Street
From Fajar to Isha, the morning prayer until the night prayer, usually from 6 AM-10AM
(916) 443-1786
Executive Director

The Muslim Mosque Association (Masjid Al-Jame') serves the Muslim community of Sacramento as well as anyone else that may need help. This organization has been around since 1947. This Islamic Center helps all around the world by donating money. Donations were sent to Tsunami victims in Indonesia and to Earthquake victims in Paskistan. It is a non-profit organization and all runs through the donations of the people. There are apartments that this organization owns through the help of the people for the people.

Other services it provides:

  • Sunday School for all the greater Sacramento Muslim Community kids from 1st to 8th grade, from 10am to 1pm
  • Funeral services and a cemetery: These services are provided for any Muslim that comes, the Imam with help from the community: preps the body, leads the funeral prayer and the burial service.  Burials Service are provided at a low cost.
  • Hall for events, for people of the community to utilize for any community and personal occasions. 
  • Volunteer work: Volunteers are needed throughout the year, to help clean around the neighborhood. Volunteers for the fundraisers are also needed. But there is no training required, nor do any age restrictions apply.
  • Counseling services for any age group provided by the Imam at the Masjid. Any question or concern about Islamic situations are answered are shown a way to follow. Imam has the ability to satisfy needs of any age in a mannerly way. His religious knowledge is appreciated by the people of all ages and his ability to make the connection with everyone.
  • Housing with (when available)