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Unsolved Mysteries

Photo by angeljennings

This is a large copper or brass sculpture in the lower level of the Capitol. I asked the guard how it came to be there, and he said former governor Schwarzenegger left it behind when he left office.


Photo by ilvadel

This is a mural on the wall of the 95816 post office on Alhambra at P Street.



Solved Mysteries

Horse tie down on I Street outside the Sacramento Public Library central branch - Photo by RogerClark Mural on the Northwest Corner of 24th and N - Guessed by John.Downs - Photo by CharlesMcLaughlin Photo posted by: CharlesMcLaughlin. The Depot (20th and K) Photo posted by: BrianGingold. 34th Street and S Streets, facing West. Maybe a CalTrans facility.


Photo by CharlesMcLaughlinYWCA on 17th Street, guessed by carlyparker.