1822 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento
(916) 927-1730

Night Hawk Tavern is a bar in the Natomas area.

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2007-11-03 16:24:57   It's incorrect and misleading to say that the Night Hawk is in the Natomas area. The Night Hawk is adjacent to the Bank of America on Del Paso Blvd. in North Sacramento, that is, the old North Sac, not the general area of northern Sacramento. The following comments are not meant to be "classist" but, rather, descriptive. The Night Hawk is, shall we say, ultimately down-to-earth. All sorts and conditions of men (does anyone recognize that phrase?) and women patronize the Night Hawk. I knew it as a place where more-or-less low-income white folk gather to drink, shoot pool, purchase "entertainment" and hang out. In past years, there has sometimes been some tension between the patrons of the Night Hawk and the young, African-American patrons of the boulevard. That tension resulted, on a couple of occasions, in trouble. However, that trouble was not common. Moreover, the tension may have abated since the boulevard has been "cleaned up" to a great degree. The Night Hawk isn't an unpleasant place; I've had a few beers there and found it "interesting." But, it's not your "nice," Natomas night spot. It's a whole lot more gritty than that. —greene