Pets is a local band formed by Allison Jones and Derek Fieth in 2003.


Pick up Your Feet (2006)

Studio album released on The Americans Are Coming Recordings (AAC-025). Words and music by Pets except voice on #6 by Charles Albright. Recorded and engineered by Doug Godsey at Your Music Studio. Produced and mixed by Doug Godsey and Pets. Mastered by Tim Pratt at Monsterlab Audio. Artwork and design by Shaun Slaughter and Pets.

1. Pushy 2. Meatbee 3. Backseat 4. Pretty 5. Seesaw 6. Peace Love Frontloading 7. Rock Josiah 8. Two Horse Town Is A Makeout City 9. Coldhouse 10. Don’t Baby It 11. Give You A Ride 12. Be My Friend 13. Gridblocks

Cold House EP