Prieta is a rock and roll outfit currently residing in our illustrious Sacramento. Depending on their set, they have been compared to Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, CCR or Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Whatever the prevalent influences may be, they are a high-energy team of pros that Sacramento is proud to boast.

Prieta is a fairly recent addition to Sacramento's live-music scene. Woods, Maclachlan and Breneman hail from our southern neighbor Stockton while Ayers comes from a tiny town in the Central Valley called Gustine.

In the small amount of time that Prieta has been performing in Sacramento, they have garnered much attention and praise from show-goers and fellow bands. Typically, Prieta is associated with a group of bands that seem to "buddy-up" on their billings: Goodness Gracious Me, Lite Brite, Musical Charis, The Snobs and Black Tar Caviar (We Prick You, Darling Sweetheart).

Whether or not Rock and Roll is "your thing", Prieta is a band worth checking out. ©Copyright Nathaniel Vigeant 2010 ©Copyright Nathaniel Vigeant 2010


Alexander Ayers - Vocals/Keys/Harp Mat Woods - Guitar/Backing Vocals Ian Maclachlan - Bass Brian Breneman - Drums

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