FM Stations

87.7 KVIE

The audio from TV channel KVIE, broadcast due to a MHz share between TV and radio.

88.1 KEAR

KEAR is a non-commercial Christian station.

88.9 KXPR

KXPR plays classical. website.

89.3 KQED

KQED broadcasts on the 89.3FM frequency in the Sacramento area. The station, identified by the call letters KQEI, broadcasts KQED's 24-hour news and information program service. website

90.3 KDVS

KDVS broadcasts from the University of California Davis at 9600 Watts, but covers most of the Sacramento Valley. Their eclectic freeform college radio programming can sometimes be heard as far away as Nevada, Oregon, and beyond. You can listen anywhere in the world from the streaming audio link at

90.9 KXJZ

KXJZ is an NPR station, also plays freeform jazz. website. See the Best of KXJZ's Insight

91.5 KYDS

KYDS El Camino Fundamental High School's radio station playing alternative rock and various other music.

92.1 KCCL

KCCL "KHits 92.1 "plays oldies.

92.5 KGBY

KGBY "Y92.5" plays adult contemporary. Owned by ClearChannel Communications.

93.7 KQJK

KQJK "Jack FM" plays classic and contemporary pop/rock. It has gone through numerous format changes and was most recently KXOA, a hard rock station.

94.7 KSSJ

KSSJ plays smooth jazz.

96.1 KYMX

KYMX "Mix 96" plays soft rock. Owned by CBS Radio.

96.9 KSEG

KSEG "The Eagle" plays classic rock.


KDEE is a low-power radio station operating out of Rancho Cordova. The station is owned and operated by the California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The station went on the air in 2004. website.

98.5 KRXQ

KRXQ "98 Rock" plays modern rock music.

100.5 KZZO

KZZO "The Zone" plays modern adult contemporary music. Owned by CBS Radio.

101.1 KHYL

KHYL "V101.1" plays urban adult contemporary.

101.9 KNTY

KNTY "The Wolf" plays country music.

102.5 KSFM

KSFM plays urban R&B music. Owned by CBS Radio.

103.5 KBMB

KBMB "The Bomb" plays hip-hop and dance music.

103.9 KKFS

KKFS "The Fish" plays Christian music.

105.1 KNCI

KNCI "New Country" plays country music. Owned by CBS Radio.

106.5 KWOD

KWOD "KWOD v2.0" plays alternative rock. It changed hands in 2003 after a long court battle and is now owned by Entercom.

107.9 KDND

KDND "The End" plays top 40 music. Owned by Entercom.

AM Stations