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RedRover, formerly known as United Animal Nations, is a national animal protection organization. The main objectives of RedRover are to bring animals from crisis to care and to strengthen the bond between people and animals through education, financial support and animal care. The organization is non-profit and does not receive government funding, and relies partially on volunteers. Funding is based solely on private donations from generous individuals and various foundations.


RedRover utilizes the internet to raise awareness of helping animals in need. Their website allows people to request financial aid, donate to the organization, and receive valuable information about animal care. In addition to the internet, RedRover also has hands-on programs such as operating classrooms dedicated for educating children about “human-animal bond”, rescuing and temporarily sheltering animals from neglect or natural disasters, and reporting animal cruelty. RedRover is split into four different programs: RedRover Responders, RedRover Readers, RedRover Relief, and RedRover Reporter.

RedRover Responders

Courtesy of RedRover.org RedRover Responders are the organization's "backbone" to aiding animals. The responders, who are mainly volunteers, shelter and care for animals that are displaced by natural disasters or are victims of cruelty and neglect. Anyone be a RedRover Responder by completing the volunteer training program on the website.

Once completed, volunteers perform certain duties such as setting up and dismantling the temporary shelters, caring for animals, organizing supplies, gathering evidence of cases of cruelty, and animal transportation.

In 2010, RedRover Responders deployed to 11 emergencies, helping shelter 2,769 animals through 5,400 volunteer hours, and trained 304 new volunteers.

RedRover Readers

Courtesy of RedRover.org RedRover Readers focus on the education of children. The program exposes children stories and various discussions to help them understand the connection between animals and humans. Readers visit many elementary school classrooms, school programs, animals shelters and many other places to work with children.  To Request a RedRover Readers volunteer visit go to this link.

In 2010, RedRover Readers reached 1,685 children through 214 visits, and trained 60 new volunteers.

RedRover Relief

Courtesy of RedRover.org RedRover Relief provides financial aid to pet owners, good Samaritans, and rescuers that are caring for animals that need urgent veterinary care. Resources can also be provided for pet owners who are struggling for money and for victims of domestic violence. Deciding who receives grants is based on certain factors such as: medical urgency, financial need, available funding, and eligibility. Grants usually range from one hundred to two hundred dollars.

In 2010, RedRover Relief received 2,908 applications and issued 526 grants and distributed 113,947 dollars.

RedRover Reporters

Courtesy of RedRover.org RedRover Reporters mission is to encourage reporting situations of animal abuse and neglect. RedRover also offers financial incentive rewards to certain people who report abusive situations.

Unlike the other RedRover programs, there are no applications or requests forms to be a Reporter. Someone only has to report a cruelty case to RedRover with the required information to be a RedRover Reporter:

  • description of the cruelty and the date of occurrence
  • detective’s contact information working on the case
  • the county prosecutor’s name, address and telephone number
  • local media contact information especially if they have covered the story
  • your name, address and telephone number.

How can I acquire RedRover services?

There are many different requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to receive help from RedRover. According to RedRover’s website, those applying for financial services from the RedRover Relief program must:

  • be seeking assistance for one animal in need of urgent medical care.
  • have obtained a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. (RedRover cannot pay for office exams or diagnostic testing.)
  • make a concerted fundraising effort, attempting to find funding through your own means and person contacts
  • submit a completed application online.
  • provide updates, photos and video if RedRover is able to help
  • live in the United States

Along with the applicant, the animal in need must also meet certain requirements. Animals being serviced must:

  • have a life-threatening injury or illness that requires urgent and specific treatment (excluding hip dysplasia, ligament repair or eye conditions)
  • have a favorable prognosis
  • be spayed or neutered

Along with the applicant and animal, the actual veterinary clinic must also meet certain requirements:

  • be aware of the client’s financial need
  • be willing to speak with a case manager from RedRover and provide an itemized estimate upon request
  • accept a check from RedRover

The plethora of requirements shouldn't discourage anyone from applying. The animal that is in need of care is worth applying. RedRover accepts all applications and considers all situations. If applicant is accepted, RedRover will be in contact to set up the financial aid.

An online application is available on the RedRover website.

How to volunteer

Courtesy of RedRover.org Volunteers are always needed for the RedRover organization. In order to volunteer, certain qualifications must be met:

  • 18 years or older
  • an email address that is checked regularly
  • current tetanus immunization
  • complete FEMA course IS-100
  • complete all three parts of RedRover Responders volunteer training
  • agree to the RedRover Responders Code of Conduct

It is also recommended to:

  • Complete 50 hours of animal handling, preferably at your local shelter or through a rescue group (may be completed after training)
  • Able to withstand the physical demands of deployments; including ability to lift at least 40 pounds, and stand, kneel or bend for long hours in varying temperatures and conditions

Even though RedRover works national, Sacramento is the best location to become a volunteer as quoted: “We are a national organization that is based in Sacramento. Because we are based here, we welcome volunteers from the community who want to help animals by providing assistance with office-based tasks, such as helping with mailings, data entry and other essential tasks.” - Program Director Karen Brown

How to donate

There are many ways one can donate:

  • become a RedRover member which requires a contributions of at least 25 dollars
  • donate monthly to provide continuous support for animals
  • become a “Paw Protector” by donating 250 dollars or more annually
  • Give to the Circle of Life Tribute Fund by donating a gift of 150 dollars or more to save an animal’s life
  • Donate a vehicle to help animals through RedRover’s vehicle donation program

Donations can be made on the RedRover website One of the easiest is to dedicate your birthday to RedRover through Facebook Causes.


This report was written for Cynthia Linville’s English 20 class at CSU Sacramento Fall 2011.