Jibboom Street Park viewed from West Sacramento at night Park entrance The Sacramento River Intake Facility The Sacramento River Bike Trail

Park Location
Jibboom Street along the Sacramento River in the Central City Area
6.5 Acres
• Walkways
• Interpretive signage
• Native plants
• Picnic areas
• Security lighting

The site surrounds the former PG&E building and extends to the recently completed Sacramento River Intake Facility to the south. The landscaping, open turf area, walkways and benches, and promenade with lighting opened in Autumn 2006. The second phase of development will include a large group picnic area with shade structures, picnic tables, group grill and site furniture, along with a parking lot.

The existing river levee has expanded eastward, with earth fill added to the existing levee to widen it and bring part of the park site to the existing levee height. This visually reduces the scale of the new intake structure and enhance views of the Sacramento River along many locations in the park. An arc-shaped pedestrian walkway crosses the site and links the plaza at the new Sacramento River Intake Structure to a smaller pedestrian overlook at the former water intake pier. Interpretive signage is placed at the small pedestrian overlook at the former intake pier. The area between the levee and the pedestrian walkway creates a "River Green" open space area planted with native grasses, trees and vegetation so visitors can picnic, rest and enjoy views of the river. Other items included in the initial park development are site security lighting, non-mow landscaped berms to screen freeway traffic noise and low maintenance landscape plantings.

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Information and images obtained from the City of Sacramento.