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Frontage View left to right:Dawn(the owner), a regular customer, and a member of the wait-staff — MENU side 1, as of 01/21/09 — (click to enlarge) — MENU side 2, as of 01/21/09 — (click to enlarge)

1315 21st St.
21st between Capitol and N street
Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese
Monday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm
(916) 448-8833
Dec. '08
Price range
reasonable to cheap, see menu
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card
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  • I can't rave enough, about this out-of-the way gem. Light and authentic Vietnamese food, at right the price.

  • From lactose-free fruit smoothie shakes, sodas, liquor/wine and cappuccinos, to appetizers and desserts, which all compliment the tasty Vietnamese dishes and obligatory Chinese stand-bys,

    you can have a full three course meal, or just a light lunch as this place oozes the kind of relaxing cafe atmosphere rarely found, at any price.

  • Atmosphere is sitdown-casual, staff is friendly and professional, dress is come-as-you-are.

  • A must try no matter how often you come back.

  • Run by owner(pic) Dawn, her husband Mark, and two sons.

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a couple previous reviews


  • 5 star rating12/9/2008

    This place gets five stars simply for the amazing amount of food you get for $7.95 (lunchtime). I don't have much experience with Vietnamese food, but I liked my beef pho just fine and will come back any time I need 2-3 warm, filling meals

    for the price of one. Service is friendly too, and they helped us convert our change into quarters so we could legally park at the meters.

  • 5 star rating12/29/2008

    Take it from me - this place is GOOD. If you need a fix for Vietnamese or Chinese food, Sarus will fulfill your needs. The food is awesome, giving you a more authentic, home-cooked style of Vietnamese that isn't just slopped out like many of

    the other California-Vietnamese restaurants I've been to over the years (and I've scoured California for some really good vietnamese). A lot of space for you to eat comfortably by yourself or with a group of 10+. They are open late nights as

    well, which I know some of you out there have been looking for a late-night alternative to Denny's, Willie's, and fast food. AND the service is top-notch, making for a great dining experience if your looking for a non-pretentious, comfortable


  • Recommendations:

Bun Tom Thit Nuong Cha Gio aka #8 on the menu.

Walnut Prawns.

  • 4 star rating1/5/2009

    4 stars right now, just because the Bahn Mi here is pretty damn good. . . and, it's near where I earn a paycheck. Oh, and Bahn Mi are pretty cheap anyway. . . and, it's getting me over the loss of New Paris' Bahn Mi. Be sure to ASK about

    the Bahn Mi, as it's an elusive little sucker and not on the menu for some strange reason . . . that's just disrespectful!

    Need a cheap, fast, decent lunch? Get your tail over here. $5.99 lunch specials consisting of standard Chinese lunch fare . . . not too bad. But, I'm going for the Vietnamese fare. The Bahn Mi is a bit smaller than I'm used to, but the

    employees here are soooo nice, and the char-licious pork is mmm, mmm, good. I will try the Pho out soon, but I can't wait until the weather warms up, so I can snarf down some Bun.

    I do have to qualify this review, as I have been going through Bahn Mi withdrawals. . . and everything on Stockton Blvd is just tooo damn far away, since NP closed up. This place will do just fine when I get that hankering.

  • 5 star rating1/8/2009

    I really enjoyed the pho as well as the dry noodles here. To top everything off, they are open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays! It's great to finally have a pho option in the heart of the city late night. The service is very friendly and down

    to earth. There were problems getting our orders in and receiving them correctly. Prices are very reasonable especially for beer with your late night pho.