The concession stand at the drive-in

"9616 Oates Drive"
Sacramento, CA 95823

One of the last operating Drive-Ins in the central valley, and one of the biggest still running films on the west coast. The Sac 6 features first-run films seven nights a week, as double features for $6.75/adult and kids 11 and under are free. On Tuesday nights ("Family Fun Nights") the cost is lowered to $4.50/adult and kids 11 and under are free. Sound is broadcast by low power FM transmitters to your car stereo.

The Sac 6 was just incorporated into a Syufy Enterprises subsidiary called West Wind Public Markets. There are plans to shut down the drive-in at the end of the year to build another needless, walk-in stadium seating multiplex. Of course, they have planned to do so "at the end of the year" for at least the last six years. Since summer is the most profitable time of the year, it will be open through summer 2007.

Given that Syufy could care less about upkeeping a (theoretically and perpetually) doomed theater, the Sac 6 is very run down. The movies are still high-quality, but the bathroom/snack area is in need of repair. They do have cool original 50s style urinals... long metal troughs. Interesting if you have a bathroom fixture fetish.

Run down does not mean lousy, however. The concession area serves more than just snacks and popcorn. Like many drive-ins, they have food served at decent (rather than "theater") prices.

See Movie Theaters for other theaters in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

Broadcasting FM Frequencies

Screen 1: 102.9 FM Screen x: 107.1 FM Screen x: 95.7 FM Screen x: 98.9 FM Screen x: 101.5 FM Screen x: ???.? FM


2006-05-31 12:38:18   I've been here and was very impressed with the quality of the picture and sound. But the women's restrooms are beyond gross. I recommend going, but "holding it" while you're there. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2007-04-19 09:09:42   It's been "about to close" for at least this decade. Woo! —JabberWokky

2007-06-25 23:33:58   Ok, I'll have to go just to check out the "cool original 50s style urinals". —CharlesMcLaughlin

2007-10-27 16:38:35   We have been there several times and we always have a good time. I recommend bringing a small, portable, battery operated radio instead of using the car stereo causing a dead battery. It tends to be the cars with the huge amps and stereo systems that go dead first, I guess they don't realize the more powerful the stereo the more power it uses up. —memphisraines

2008-03-26 13:22:01   This will defintely age me, but I saw the original "STAR WARS" at this drive-in in 1977. I went with my "Little Brother." Saw Disney's "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" in 1978 here with the woman who would ultimately became my wife. Drive-ins were such a summer thing for families and dates back in those days — economical and you could actually talk during the movie without disturbing any one. I always liked driving up and down the hills and walking around checking things and people out before the movies began at dark. If you get a chance, you might want to try it before its really gone. —WILLIAMJTRINKLE

2008-04-14 20:16:23   Ah...memories. I saw all 3 Indiana Jones films back to back to back during their "final season" in 2004. —DarthTiki916