The winners and nominees for the 2007 Sacramento Area Music Awards. List adapted from the official site.

Readers' Choice

Winners in bold


Cuesta Drive Pets Radio Orangevale Th' Losin Streaks Two Sheds


Agent Ribbons Baby Grand Buildings Breeding Didley Squat Ghetto Moments


Luvtaxi Nada Brahma Music Ensemble Nagual Sol Peligro Urbanfire


The Alkali Flats Bottom Dwellers Richard March The Spillit Quikkers Stars & Garters


Capital Jazz Project Kairos Quartet RACE!!! Tsunami Vivian Lee


The Addict Merchants Crazy Ballhead Deep Fried Funk Brothers Hurchu Righteous Movement


Aaron King Trio Jimmy Pailer & his Bad Boys Kentucky Slim The Linda Bracamonte Band Stacie Eakes and the Superfreakes


The Bennys Bonfire Mercy Me! Mr. P Chill & Trunk of Funk Supaphat


Chemical Angel The Evening Episode MothSpyEros Tha Fruitbat Two Playa Game


Be Brave Bold Robot Chelsea Wolfe Christopher Fairman Coolfield Justin Farren


The Bananas Helper Monkeys The Queensbury Rules The Secretions Whiskey Rebels

Hard Rock/Metal

Absent Me Hot Pistol Killgasm Giant Squid Save and Continue

Critics' Choice

Outstanding Guitarist: Steve Randall Outstanding Bassist: Gabe Nelson Outstanding Keyboardist: Stuart Nishiyama Outstanding Drummer: Matt K. Shrugg Outstanding Male Vocalist: Richard March Outstanding Female Vocalist: Chelsea Wolfe Outstanding DJ/Turntablist: Roger Carpio Outstanding Reed/Brass/Woodwind Player: Steve Lishman Outstanding Songwriter: Adrian Bourgeois Special Recognition: Ross Hammond Outstanding Local Act: Agent Ribbons Outstanding Local CD: Deluxe

Hall of Fame Inductees

Erik Kleven Four Guys From Reno Shaun Slaughter