1915 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone Number
(916) 538-2725

Shop Front off Parking Lot Facing Tracks
A volunteer run, non profit, community bicycle shop dedicated to:

  • Teaching Bicycle Repair and Maintenance 
  • Teaching Safe Cycling and Urban Riding Skills
  • Providing a Do-It-Yourself Workspace, Tools, and Volunteer Assistance

Location and Hours

1915 I Street,  (off the parking lot)

Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 pm, 

Friday -Sat 10 am-2 pm,


Donate your used bikes and gear, or volunteer your time. For more information go to:  www.sacbikekitchen.org 

or write to info@sacbikekitchen.org

They are a California State and federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


2007-06-21 13:09:06   They were out at the bike commute month final dealie, they seemed pretty awesome, I gotta swing by there sometime from Davis. —DavidPoole

2007-08-02 20:06:18   Volunteers are friendly and helpful. If you plan to work on a bike, get there early as space and tools are limited. —NicoleS

2008-09-21 00:03:46   The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is no longer at the 36th and Broadway location. There is a community bike shop still at that location going by the name Oak Park Bicycle Kitchen. BTW, I run sacbikekitchen.org for the org. —Sc0ttBeardsley