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Sacramento Location
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento: (916) 558-2111
Davis: (530) 747-5200

This is the page for the city college named Sacramento City College, not to be confused with the Sacramento City College neighborhood.

Sacramento City College is one of the Community Colleges in the Los Rios Community College District. In addition to their main campus in Sacramento, they also offer a wide variety of classes in Davis and West Sacramento, making them a low cost and convenient educational option.

Los Rios Community college district offers guaranteed transfer to UC Davis, as well as CSU Sacramento, UC San Diego, CSU Chico, and University of the Pacific, Stockton. It also offers programs with UCLA and U.C. Berkeley, however these are by invitation only and usually an invitation is only given upon first applying to the university and receiving a rejection notice. This means that courses marked as transferable to UC really are. Unfortunately, the system that deems a course UC transferable is not iron-clad or 100% reliable. Communication between Los Rios Community College District and UC Davis evidently has some issues, as many employees of the district have different views of what actually makes someone eligible for transfer. Some counselors will tell a student that if they complete 60 semester (90 quarter) units at any Los Rios college with a certain GPA (for UC Davis this would be a 2.8, however the university has become increasingly unlikely to accept students with this low a GPA due to fee hikes and their effect on decreased enrollment goals), they will be accepted. Others will tell a student they must complete a guarunteed program to be able to transfer. The most effective use of one's time, if they are interested in transferring, is to contact an adviser on the campus of their choice and find the appropriate coursework, to be safe.

Sports are a major part of life at Sac City. Their baseball team has had many former players move onto the major leagues. Some famous alumni are Larry Bowa, F.P. Santangelo, and Buck Martinez. Charles C. Hughes Stadium, a 1930's era sports complex, is one of the most striking architectural, and one of the most distinguishing features of the college. Unfortunately, the Sac City Cheer squad got some unfavorable national coverage when Cosmo Girl published an article in their October 2007 issue about how a Sac City student and cheer squad member suffered a severe neck injury while performing a stunt. As a result of the injury, the cheer squad no longer performs any stunts.

Sac City has three campus publications: The Express (the biweekly newspaper), Mainline (the quarterly news magazine), and Susurrus (the quarterly literary magazine).


Political Science- the following link will take you to the SCC polisci faculty website: http://www.scc.losrios.edu/Academics/Behavioral_and_Social_Science_Division/Political_Science/Meet_the_Faculty.htm