A bus sails by at night, near the State Capitol. A light rail train at the Historic Folsom stop

System Map

Sacramento Regional Transit is a public corporation intent on providing the county with accessible public transportation. They operate the bus and light rail systems, as well as the bus stops and light rail stations. They have their own police authority, and may issue citations and orders to appear before the court.

Google maps includes the SacRT's transit maps and schedules and can be exceedingly useful in planning routes.

Fares for Light Rail and Bus (effective 2009-10-12):

Basic Fare:$2.50 (single), $6.00 (day pass) A single light rail pass is valid for two hours from is issuance by a ticket machine on both lightrail and bus services.

Students (ages 5-18), seniors (aged 62 and over), and disabled riders may purchase disounted fare at half-price.

Transit Police

To keep the peace and enforce regulations, special police officers are empowered for the light rail system. They can often be seen wearing a dark RT jacket. G4S security are contracted by RT to provide security on transit stations and on the light rail and they can be seen wearing black and yellow clothing. RT transit officers does routine fare inspection randomly. Please have paid fare or you will be cited a ticket for non-fare.


2007-08-29 22:51:43   Does Sacramento have Spare the Air days? If so, where can I find out about them? —NumiaCairaguas

2007-08-30 08:23:03   I know Spare the Air applies to the whole Sacramento region, but I couldn't find anything on free light-rail. —GeoffJohnson