I wish that ...

  • Sacramento venue owners would put aside biased opinions and stop trying to push out our struggling Hip Hop scene.
  • Sacramento hadn't cut itself off from the river with I-5 and that the city would fund its Riverfront Reconnection project.
  • Sacramento would preserve its Historic Underground as has been done in Seattle and Atlanta.
  • More Indie Rock music groups would come to Sacramento, instead of just skipping it for San Francisco.
  • Sacramentan property/homeowners didn't have bear the personal financial burden of repairing the City's sidewalks, even if one of the City's tree's roots destroys it.
  • There was a better alternative to running 100+ car freight trains across all of the busy streets of Midtown.
  • They hadn't named the highways such that I-80 splits to become I-80 and Business-80, Business 80 turns into US-50, 99 turns into Business 80 and then into I-80, and 99 and I-5 somehow join and split again!
  • We'd stop building cookie cutter homes in flood plains.
  • RT would expand coverage throughout the area, similar to BART in the Bay Area.
  • Sacramento would practice Good City Planning and tight urban growth/service boundaries!!!!
  • Italian food. Why oh why, is there not a decent, inexpensive, East Coast style eatery that makes killer Southern Italian food?
  • Bike racks! Anyone else tired of locking their bike to street lights and signs? There are so few, even in Midtown and East Sac. - leiris
  • More soccer goals with nets...or, hell, without nets. Why must they lock them all up?
  • A good Korean BBQ restaurant in Midtown--and I'm not talking about fusion fare!
  • I wish Sacramento had better boutique shopping in midtown and downtown that catered to women over 40. :)
  • More lunchtime food options within walking distance of Davis Medical Center.  It's kind of a desert...
  • Assist the homeless with more resources so they can at least live at the human level

Add your wishes here!

2008-05-26 11:07:29   Sacramento had a second daily newspaper —jcook

2009-03-03 01:10:09   There was more free things to do for youth in the area. And not some lame activities either. Something exciting. —BBitner