Location Hours Phone Website Established Pharmacy
1814 19th Street 24/7 916 492-9967 http://www.safeway.com (ALL) 1915 (ALL) Yes
1025 Alhambra Boulevard 24/7 916-456-0852 Yes
3320 Arden Way 5 AM - Midnight 916-483-9389 Yes
2851 Del Paso Boulevard 5 AM - Midnight 916-285-8840 Yes
8377 Elk Grove Florin Road 5 AM - 1 AM 916-681-8666 No
5345 Elkhorn Boulevard 6 AM - Midnight 916-331-2987 No
424 Howe Avenue 6 AM - 1 AM 916-925-1676 No

Safeway is a large, chain grocery store with many locations throughout Sacramento. They are the third largest grocery store chain in the US as of 2008 and a Fortune 500 company. In Southern California, Safeway operates under the name of Vons and Pavilions. Safeway also operates stores in other parts of the US under the names of Dominick's, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Genuardi's, and Carrs. Safeway also operates a Canadian division.

At Safeway, you will need to apply for a Safeway Club Card in order to get the sales prices on their sales items. You have to give them your personal information including your phone number, address, date of birth, income, etc. You must provide a real address where your card is mailed to. However, all other information can be made up. At Safeway, the cashier announces your last name every time you get your receipt.

Please note that employees are forced by corporate policy to smile and greet you if a customer makes eye contact with them. Employees are required to ask you if you need help carrying out your groceries even if you only have one item. Employees are constantly watching for secret shoppers who evaluate the store between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. After 8 pm and before 10 am, customer service may be lacking.

Some Safeway stores are 24 hours while others have limited hours such as 6 am to 12 am. There are pharmacies and Starbucks in some Safeway stores as well. The licensed Starbucks in Safeway stores are staffed by Safeway employees wearing Starbucks uniforms. Safeway employees, including cafe employees, are not allowed to accept tips. If tips are forced upon them, the tips become the property of Safeway and must be placed in a cash register.


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