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Save Mart
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Save Mart is a family owned grocery chain that is headquartered in Modesto, California. They operate stores in the Sacramento Valley and nearby areas.

They are California owned and operated. They have weekly sales and have labels on many items that show how much you save compared to competing stores such as Safeway. Save Mart tends to be a lower price store. Although, they have Mart in their name, they are not a huge corporation like Wal-Mart. Employees at Save Mart get union wages and benefits. The most recent contract was voted on and accepted in 2007. The new pact includes the largest across-the-board wage increase in the history of Northern California grocery industry contracts, union officials said. Employees will receive raises of $1.80 to $3 per hour during the four-year pact. It also improves medical benefits and reduces or eliminates deductibles. Save Mart is very generous to its employees compared to other stores.

Their store brand milk, called Sunnyside Farms Milk, does not use the artificial Bovine Growth Hormone. They also offer Sunnyside organic cage free eggs and other organic foods.


Save Mart purchased all the Northern California Albertsons stores in 2007. Albertsons took over Lucky Supermarkets in 1999 and lost customers due to high prices and poor customer service. Albertsons left Northern California after failing as a business. Save Mart revived the Lucky name in the Bay Area and now operates Lucky stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. Save Mart has vowed to restore Lucky to back to its roots of low prices and great customer service.