Seidokan Jujitsu

2226 K St  Sacramento, CA 95816-4923 (at Art Beast)
Adults-All Ranks:
Monday: 6:45- 8:15pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 6:45-8:15pm

Kids Classes:


  • ages 4-5:  5:30-6
  • ages 6-8:  6-6:40


  • ages 4-5:  5:30-6
  • Intermediate Class: 6-6:40
(916) 848-4337
Adults: $50 a month (or best offer)
Kids: $25-30 for one class a week (or best offer)

Seidōkan Jujitsu is an American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF: school that strives to train anyone in the style of DanZanRyu jujitsu, regardless of racial status, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexuality, age, income, religion, or ability. We teach DanZanRyu as a predominantly defensive martial art that values most highly perfection of character and service to community. Although we teach techniques which may be useful in defense of ourselves, our loved ones or others, our primary goals are: to use our training to overcome fears, to gain control of the battles within our own selves, and to work for peace and social justice in our local and world community. As mind and body must work in accord to be successful in all matters, Seidōkan Jujitsu recognizes and values the healing arts and incorporates them as vital parts of training and service to others.

DanZan Ryu (DZR) is a dynamic martial art which combines several martial forms into a system intended to transform both the practitioner’s body and mind. Students learn rolls and falls, ancient Yawara techniques, joint locking, throwing, grappling, kicking, punching, escapes, and combination arts. Distinctively, DZR also balances its martial curriculum by incorporating training in healing arts. DanZan Ryu teaches that the primary objectives of training are to perfect one’s character and to be of service to the community. Practitioners who internalize the principles of DZR find that they are better able to move through the world in thoughtful, less fearful, more confident, and more compassionate ways. DZR was created by Henry Seishiro Okazaki in the early 20th Century in Hawai’i. DZR means “Sandalwood Mountain Style” or “Hawai’ian Style”. Master Okazaki was one of the first Asian martial artists to teach anyone jujitsu, regardless of racial status or gender. His open-mindedness allowed DanZan Ryu to become one of the most popular Jujitsu styles in the United States. Seidōkan Jujitsu carries on the spirit of ohana (family) and we train with kokua (helpfulness) in our intention.

Seidōkan Kids: Our kids’ classes encourage kids to have a good time, to work together, and to be safe. We roll, fall, throw, wrestle, and play lots of games as we learn the rudiments of jujitsu and judo (the gentle way). We emphasize: Fun, Coordination, Cooperation, Safety, Peaceful resolution of conflict, Age appropriate techniques, and Kokua (helping others).