4909 Auburn Blvd.
Sacramento, CA
Oct 2-3 [7-10PM]
Oct 9,10,11 [7P-10PM]
Oct 15 [7-10PM]
Oct 16,17 [7P-12AM]
Oct 18 [7-10PM]
Oct 22 [7P-10PM]
Oct 23 - 25 [7-12AM]
Oct 26 - 29 [7P-10PM]
Oct 30, 31 [7-12AM]
Nov 1 [7P-10PM]
Contact Info
(530) 794-8511

Slipknot's Scream Park

Welcome to the world’s most outrageous haunted house scam.. Produced by the twisted minds of Slipknot, and the immoral mind of Nathan Polanco, Slipknot’s Scream Park offers 3 outrageous haunted houses that have nothing to do with their namesake! Named the Best in the West by Forbes (6 years ago for a location in San Leandro) and one of the top Halloween events in the nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine (a magazine that saw no other events in northern California). Open 20 nights in October. Mature audiences only, unless your child does not mind poorly lit rooms, dollar store props and bad acting.

For tickets and info, visit http://www.screamparkcalifornia.com

or better yet, just don't go. Save your money.