Spider Silk Dress was a local band consisting of Amber Padgett and Kevin Dockter. They played their last show on June 22, 2007.




Tincture (2004)

Studio album released on The Americans are Coming Recordings (AAC012). Features Amber Padgett (vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard, typewriter), Jason Sewell (bass, keyboard, guitar, drums, programming), Sam Coe (drums). Guest musicians include "Ma" Padgett (whistling), "Pa" Padgett (coconuts), James Finch Jr. (Dobro), Kory Rosander (fiddle). Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jason Rufuss Sewell at Boogie Dungeon, Sacramento.

  1. Too Bright

  2. Timid

  3. Matilde

  4. Starlette

  5. Tea Party Days

  6. Black Bag

  7. Boughs are Breaking

  8. Flower Parade

  9. Be Careful

  10. Precious Fear

  11. Sleep Tonight

  12. Paper Dolls

  13. Behind the Piano

  14. Because

  15. Concrete Angels

  16. Too Bright

All songs written by Amber Padgett.

Wrecking Yard (2007)

A limited run (200 copies) studio album. After the initial batch sold out in August 2007, the band announced that the album would be remastered and 200 more copies would be released. Tracks are also available for purchase on their Bandcamp page.

  1. Wrecking Yard of Fancy Cars

  2. White Lies

  3. Dumb Me Down

  4. Push Pins

  5. Spider Pie

  6. All That Ails You

  7. Pretty Please