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The ubiquitous, inescapable chain coffee shop, these are everywhere, and are sometimes nested in Safeway locations.

The chai tea latte is made by mixing chai tea concentrate with a small amount of water to rehydrate and then adding steamed milk.

The Starbucks on Alhambra Blvd. is open 24 hours a day. Do not park a stolen vehicle there, as this is a popular stop for public safety officials.

Starbucks announced a new program on April 8, 2008 that if you get a Starbucks Card and register it online, that when you use that card at their full sized-stores(not licensed stores, not Safeway), you will get free refills on brewed coffee, free milk options (i.e. soy milk), free syrup modifications(i.e. different flavors of syrup), and a free tall beverage with any whole bean purchase. Please see their website to register your Starbucks Card. http://www.starbucks.com

Also, at random, Starbucks may send you an email and notify you that they have added an extra $5.00 on to your card for being a loyal member. The free $5.00 reward is chosen by computer and is completely random.

Beginning on May 1, 2008 AT&T Broadband Customers now have free Wi-Fi at all 7,000 full sized Starbucks stores. Simply select "ATTWiFi" after powering up your computer. Free Wi-Fi for AT&T Broadband Customers

Starbucks now offers a free 2 hour session of WiFi with a registered Starbucks Card. You have to sign up for a free AT&T account and also use or reload your Starbucks Card in the past 30 days. Please see their website for details.

Every April 22 (Earth Day) all Starbucks offer unlimited free coffee for anyone who brings in a tumbler or mug.


2007-11-04 10:56:39   YYYYYYuuuuck! Tasteless coffee/espresso drinks that don't taste "real." —Cali4niaRags

2008-03-29 16:26:56   Starbucks is Starbucks. Not bad, but not that exciting. Although, I do appreciate their "Skinny Lattes". I think that it is retarded that Starbucks charges for Wifi when so many other coffee shops offer it for free. Perhaps it's because they don't want people ordering a $1.85 worth of coffee and studying for nine hours at a time? —CurlyGirl26

2008-08-17 10:34:24   There are so many of these damn things they are like a virus, infesting even buildings that already have established businesses in them (see the Safeway example). —GeoffJohnson

2011-04-22 11:25:45   At least there is unlimited free coffee all day on Earth Day if you bring in a tumbler or cup. —JimmySperling