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Steven Letourneau
October 2012
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Photography & Life: Art or Science?

Actually, I believe it's some undefinable combination of both where artistry shapes the science behind capturing life in photography, and the science creates a foundation that guides the art. I enjoy capturing life and memories in an artistic, documentary style photography, creating images that are real, original, dramatic, and even fun!

Photography and the practice of documenting life started as hobbies of mine long before I can remember. I still have newspaper layouts and homemade menus for special occasions I created as a child that hold those memories in special ways. Then I captured the adventures of my college years behind the lens of a trusty point-and-shoot pocket camera. Later, while serving as head of leadership and operations for yoga studios in Reno and Tahoe, I found I really came alive while doing the photography and design work required of the job. Here, I learned how to take photos while keeping out of the way and letting people live their moment - or yoga pose - without being intimidated by the camera. When life pushed me to take the next step towards my greater calling, it was only natural for me to use the art and science of photography as the medium for that calling.

I find my passion in people and the things that make them come alive. More, I love capturing the events that form our lives and shape us into what we become through them. Photography is more than just snapping some photos of a wedding celebration or graduation party; it's capturing memorable life events in a way that tells a story of the atmosphere, feeling, and emotion of the day. As a photographer, I make it my goal to capture special moments as more than just simple time-lines of events; they are to be memories, as complete as possible with the feelings and senstations that accompanied them.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to learn more about my photography. I'd love to get to know you and capture the events that shape your life!

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