Broadcast Stations

These are the over-the-air broadcast TV stations in the region. They may be rebroadcast on cable and satellite systems.

Note: The digital channels listed are the PSIP channels, not the actual broadcast frequency.

Call Letters Analog Channel Digital Channel(s) Description Transmitter Location
KCRA 3 3.1 (KCRA-HD), 3.2 (NBC WeatherPlus) NBC Walnut Grove
KVIE 6 6.1 (KVIE-HD), 6.2 (KVIE2), 6.3 (Vme) PBS Walnut Grove
KXTV 10 10.1 (KXTV-HD), 10.2 (AccuWeather Network) ABC Walnut Grove
KOVR 13 13.1 (KOVR-HD), 13.2 (KOVR-SD) CBS Walnut Grove
KTXL 40 40.1 (KTXL-HD) Fox Network Walnut Grove
KQCA 58 58.1 (KQCA-HD), 58.2 (THIS TV) MyNetwork TV Walnut Grove

Locally Broadcast Shows