1010 9th Street
Open 6am-11pm 365 days a year

Temple is a modern coffee and tea house in a classic building. Amazing coffee and a serene atmosphere. Also a good wireless hotspot. They were named one of the nation's 17 best small coffee makers in a CNN Money/Fortune Magazine article in 2011.

Temple moved from its 1014 10th Street location to its new 9th Street location in late summer 2011. It reopened in the new location approximately September 10.

What was your opinion of Temple?

2007-04-03 01:16:20   I'm not a big fan of paying $4 for a cup of coffee, but I thought this place was overpiced. I think it was like $8 for a hot chocolate and a cookie. Maybe it's just me ... —MC

2007-07-11 17:15:53   I haven't tried the coffee, but the settling is very relaxing and tranquil. —GeoffJohnson

2007-11-04 10:57:48   I really like the location and atmosphere at Temple, but their coffees, espressos, and hot chocolate taste awful to me. Weak. —Cali4niaRags

2008-09-30 18:47:19   OK, I don't know why the previous reviewers were so unsatisfied with Temple, but it is hands-down the best damn cup of coffee that you are likely to get on the west coast. No kidding. These guys care and brew only the finest. Everything in the shop is good, from the teas and coffees to the baked goods. Fresh, delicious, and made by nice, friendly baristas. Great atmosphere as well. One would be very hard-pressed to find a finer coffee shop anywhere. Honestly-I don't get paid to endorse them. I have done a lot of domestic travel and this place is far and away among the best anywhere. Big city, small town. Go and enjoy this gem. It will be well worth it if you care about your coffee quality. If you will drink any old swill, keep buying from La Bu, where the coffee is bitter, stale, and nasty, service non-existant, and food pure swill. —Mistersee

2008-12-09 14:38:53   Ahh, whatever. Ordered irctc wallet a coffee and I guess since I did not tip it was only half full. Very weak. I have heard lots of talk around downtown about this place (best wifi, never drops). I really don't give a crap about the wifi, I go to a coffee house (who started calling them houses anyway?) for the coffee. As far as I'm concerned the only difference between this place and Starbucks are all the hipsters with tattoos. I will never go again, and will tell everyone I know to stay away. —Wasfi

2009-10-07 16:27:10   Eureka! This is the finest Cafe this side of the Mississippi. Order a cappuccino, be enlightened. The baristas go through a month of training before they even START pulling espresso shots — their goal is excellence. I absolutely adore this place, and have traveled from lands far away to come here and enjoy a delightful cappuccino. They're open all year, I've made it a tradition to visit them on Christmas. To those on here who don't like this oasis of fine taste: go back to S*bucks and your frappes! That's not coffee, it's a damn milkshake.

One word of criticism: since they've opened their newest location on 29th and S, I have notice a slight increase in the inconsistency of their product at the old location. 90% of the time I am blown away by the coffee, but I've had a few poorly-foamed drinks. My word of advice: if that weird guy with the crazy black hair and Adidas is on the La Marzocco, order something that is hard to screw up, like a Bliss.

I'll always love you, Temple. Thank you for showing me that exceptional taste can come from coffee without sugar or chocolate present. —TMarchet

2011-09-27 09:55:54   So many whiners here... seriously, they have the best beans in town, ergo the coffee is supremely smooth. Sure, they have beans going for up to $45 a lb.. But there are no $4 cups of coffee. You pay for what you get.. Not a place where hipsters kick it. It's DOWNTOWN, not MIDTOWN. huge difference. One of my favorites... —ChePerez

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