2001 K Street
(916) 441-6823
TJ Bruce

Over the past few years The Depot has become Sacramento's gay bar of choice. Although, it lacks the flash of its competitor Faces, the Depot makes up for its lack of size and amenities with its neighborhood atmosphere and friendly staff. On weekend nights and Friday happy hour the Depot overflows with customers. Not suprisingly, given the size of Sacramento's gay community, even at its busiest the Depot maintains the feel of a house party where everybody knows everybody. Weeknights offer various events that draw crowds and add flavor to what would otherwise just be another night at the bar. These events include free pool on Mondays, make-a-date on Tuesdays, and trivia on Wednesdays. Although business has slowed since the recent expansion to Faces and opening of Badlands, the Depot remains a Sacramento favorite.

Comment about the Depot

2007-05-16 21:51:56   This bar is awesome. The drinks are cheap and you do not have to wait in line to get a drink. The videos they play are fun also. You do not have to be gay to go here. It is one of the best bars in the area. Thursday is college night. —dancohen