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Graham Brownstein, Executive Director
Sometime in the 70's

Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) is a coalition of environmental and civic organizations with a combined membership of more than 12,000 citizens throughout the Sacramento Region.

We support coordinated land use and transportation planning that discourages urban sprawl and encourages preservation and enhancement of the ecology of our open spaces and reduction of pollution in our air, water, and land.

The Purposes of ECOS.....

  • to protect and preserve the environmental integrity and resources within the Sacramento Region
  • to educate the public on environmental issues and the need to protect our region through mailings, public forums and discussion groups
  • to communicate directly with public officials concerning policy issues and the goals of ECOS

The Priorities of ECOS.....

  • enforcing laws that protect the environment - Clean Air, Clean Water, and the Endangered Species Acts
  • halting sprawl by advocating for the integration of land use planning with air quality and transportation planning
  • identifying/exposing the true costs of sprawl related to sewer and road expansions
  • supporting efforts to preserve open space
  • advocating for reliable flood protection for Sacramento
  • promoting regional transportation policies that provide for clean air and social equity
  • promoting infill development in existing under-utilized areas in the region, such as former railroad corridors that coincide with light rail stations

Activities & Opportunities.....

ECOS public services include:

  • Workshops and Conferences - for public servants and interested citizens
  • Information Resources - for reliable answers to your environmental questions
  • Advocacy - if you are concerned about a local or regional environmental issue, we want to help
  • Litigation - to enforce environmental laws
  • Cooperative Problem Solving - with major stakeholders throughout the region
  • Environmentally-oriented social events

ECOS did coordination for 2007 Sacramento Earth Day at Sacramento State University on Sunday, April 22. You may see them at various environmental and community events. Such as the Downtown Sacramento Sunday Morning Farmer's Market on 8th & W Streets.