The Evening Episode was formed in early 2004 by Brian True and Ira Skinner, fueled by an experimental desire to mix organic rock with computer-generated electronic music. Teresa Eggers was added as the front woman and the three piece recorded an unnamed demo and went on a west coast tour. In fall of 2004, Chris Loental (bass player for Red Tyger Church) joined, adding a bass guitarist to the band. After a few West Coast mini-tours and another demo (“Post Humous”), the band was signed to Slowdance Records in 2005. Their 2006 release, “The Physicist Has Known Sin”, was met with positive press as were their high-energy live performances. The band has played many shows all over the West Coast and Midwest. In fall 2006, they played the Slowdance Records showcase at CMJ. In early 2007, True and Eggers left the group to pursue other interests. Skinner and Loental decided to continue with on with Evening Episode, combining the efforts of The Paisley Project (Skinner and vocalist Caleb Heinze’s side project) with other newer Evening Episode material. Keyboardist Genaro Ulloa (of Scene Index) and vocalist Terra Lopez (of Kyoto Beat Orchestra) were added to make the band complete. This new reincarnation of the Evening Episode played together with additional changes to the line up, Kevin Dockter on guitar & Corey Bristow on Bass. They disbanded in 2008.