The February 7th, 2008 Edition

3835 Freeport Blvd
Temporary Building 003
(916) 558-2561/2562

The Express is Sacramento City College's free biweekly student newspaper. The staff is comprised of writers and photographers enrolled in Sac City's JOUR 402 class. A member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, they constantly win awards each semester on different aspects of their coverage. is the online version of the newspaper, featuring a separate staff that focuses on online journalism.

Many former Expressers have moved on to be employed at such local newspapers such as Sacramento News and Review, The Sacramento Bee, and Sactown Magazine, among others.

Past Editors in Chief

  • Ian McDonald, Spring 2011
  • Christopher Geanakos, Fall 2010
  • Stephanie Rodriguez, Spring 2010
  • Christopher Geanakos, Fall 2009
  • Nicole Cardoza, Spring 2009
  • Cecilio Padilla, Fall 2008
  • Frankie Tobin, Spring 2008
  • Shae Hancock, Fall 2007
  • Ian Kessler, Spring 2007
  • Jessamyn Ruffner, Fall 2006
  • Jonny Hirn, Spring 2006
  • plus more? If you have a full list, update the wiki!