The Handy Sacramento midtown business district formed in 2010 by several businesses around the thriving 18th and Capital area. While some consider 18th and Capital the core of the district, the HBID is officially bounded by Capital, L, 19th and 18th streets. The Handy is a visual reference to its geographic connection to nearby Capitol Park.  Many locals are just learning of the district designation, evidenced by news articles and online discussions about the name. The Handy District is a great place to begin your Second Saturday walk-about or attend special events throughout the year.

Restaurants (12)

Desserts (and more)

  • Yogurtagogo
  • Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
  • Devine Gelateria



  • Capital City Beads
  • Ladybuggz
  • Felicia Strati
  • Heart


  • Zanzibar
  • Art of Toys
  • Monster Ink
  • Scout Living


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