The Humor Times, formerly known as the Comic Press News, is a subscription-based monthly national publication based in Sacramento, CA. It was founded in 1991.

The magazine, whose tagline is 'America's Funniest News Source,'  is available worldwide by subscription, in print and digital formats. It is printed on newsprint, but in a magazine format, and as of January 2018 is mostly in full color and distributed in stores nationally, including Barnes & Noble.

The periodical reviews the news each month, using the editorial cartoons from artists all over the country, arranged by subject, and strung together with a running narrative, striving to tell the news in a funny, yet uncompromising fashion.

The publication lampoons politicians of both major parties, media talking heads, and celebrities.

The Humor Times slogan is, "Don't cry about the news, laugh about it, with the Humor Times!"

The focus is on political cartoons, but the magazine also features humor columns and satirical news, in the vein of The Onion.

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