1928 L Street
(916) 447-0792
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The Mercantile is a gay bar in Lavender Heights. Known affectionately as "the place where the gays go to die," the Mercantile's popularity continues to grow. Although the usual crowd consists of dozens of men in their early hundreds and their overweight fag hags; the new outdoor patio, friendly atmosphere, and strong drinks attract a steady stream of younger guys as well. Beware of the bartender in the front - his work uniform typically consists of a pair of stretched out boxer shorts and a mesh tank top.


2008-11-06 19:28:01   Do NOT go here if you are expecting a weak drink. The rum and coke I had here one time was practically clear!! —GabeDavis

2010-12-03 14:30:28   Has now become a great place. You will find many Mid-town people (str8 and gay). The strongest drink in town! Seriously! —RBadBuff