The Silent Game is a four-piece, rock/electronic/indie outfit based in Sacramento, CA.

Following the breakup of their respected bands Malisma, Surefire and My Merry Malady members Sam Archer, Gabriel Becker and Brian Strand formed the band around what was supposed to be a "solo" album—an album recorded in Sam's apartment with an electronic drum kit, an acoustic guitar and Pro Tools LE.

Due to the budget and time constraints of working independently as a musician with a full-time job, and inspired by DIY artists like Boston's Tom Scholtz, Archer found it necessary to record at home, making use of his formal education in recording arts from Full Sail University. Armed with the experience gleaned from the failures and successes in recording his prior band, and with many scattered pages of incomplete lyrics and audio samples, he embarked on his first "solo" project in 2004, creating the debut album Making Plans to Leave the Doldrums.

In late 2012, the band added bassist and former Surefire member Brett Martin to the band, replacing the need for many of the samples they had used live prior to his joining the band.


Vocals, Guitar: Sam Archer; Better Guitar: Gabriel Becker; Drums: Brian Strand; Bass: Brett Martin; Strange Noises: PowerBook G4 PPC

Making Plans to Leave the Doldrums (2008)

Features Sam Archer (guitar, vocals, sampling) Recorded at "O28 Studios". Engineered and Mixed by Sam Archer.

  1. Halfway

  2. Making Plans to Leave the Doldrums

  3. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

  4. Ten-Ninety

  5. Identities

  6. We Are

  7. Narcissus vs. Echo




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