Since 2001, the Trash Film Orgy has been Sacramento's most unique and infamous film festival. Hailed by the Sacramento News & Review as “Sacramento’s best film festival…for its ingenuity, gore content, retro-zaniness and pure excess.” The Sacramento Bee calls it “A celebration of the cinematic blend of gritty horror and slap-stick comedy.”


The Trash Film Orgy is an annual sleaze fest bringing you the trashiest, goriest and most bizarre movies ever made. Taking place inside the historic and HAUNTED Crest Theatre, TFO presents a cult cinema experience like no other featuring incredible live stage shows, live bands, local films, carnival-type games, the Retro-Trash Lounge (hosted by our friends at, unbelievable wacky antics and audience participation...we may love these films, but we aren't afraid to poke fun at them or ourselves! So don’t expect to just to sit in a dark theatre holding your sweeties'll be contending with live circus freaks, contortionists, random zombie attacks and more.

Join legendary underground luchador EL TIGRE DIABLO, along with his sidekick the Mighty Tiki as they present the most exciting experience you will ever have in a motion picture theatre...for reals!


2011-10-14 22:48:32   One of the finest of the "bad" film festivals that shows films made in the B-rated '60s spirit! —StevenRoseJr