Two Sheds is a local band consisting of Caitlin and Johnny Gutenberger.

The band won the 2007 SAMMIES Reader's Choice award in the Rock category.


Strange Ammunition (2006)

Studio album released on UnderAcloud Records (UAC004). Features Caitlin Gutenberger (vocals, guitars, toy piano, piano, accordion), Johnny Gutenberger (bass, backign vocals, organ, drums), Rusty Miller (drums, percussion, piano, organ, vibes). Guest musicians include Norm Wolfe (keyboards, guitars), Robert Cheek (vibes, backing vocals), Melody Mundy (viola, violin), Chris (dog collar, water bowl). Engineered and mixed by Robert Cheek.

  1. Perfect

  2. The Ballad of Salty Dog

  3. For Theresa

  4. Momma

  5. Out Here

  6. Mine

  7. Undertow

  8. Different View

  9. It's Hard

  10. The Sea to E Minor

  11. <unlisted track> Psycho Killer

All songs written by Caitlin Gutenberger except #11 by David Byrne.

No Place/Sirens (2007?)

Split 7" vinyl with Dame Satan released on Ghost Mansion (GMR007).

  1. No Place

  2. Sirens

#1 by Two Sheds. #2 by Dame Satan.