Warehouse stores may be membership or non-membership based. Some are primarily retailers while others are wholesalers. Warehouse stores are often very large and may have an unfinished, industrial-looking interior with products stacked on pallets throughout the store. Some operate forklifts or other equipment in the store during business hours. Often, they sell items in bulk at (supposedly) discount prices to individuals or other businesses.

Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse Clubs typically require customers to purchase an annual membership. Warehouse clubs may cater to individuals in a retail capacity, businesses in a wholesale capacity, or both.

Foodservice Warehouses

Foodservice warehouses do not typically require memberships. They tend to be smaller than general warehouse clubs because they do not carry as wide of a variety of products. They may cater to individuals, restaurants, and other businesses in either retail or wholesale capacities.

Home Improvement Warehouses

Home improvement warehouses do not typically require memberships. Most often, they are big-box retailers catering to do-it-yourself homeowners and contractors.