5211 Patrol Road, McClellan, CA 95652
10am - 6 pm daily
(916) 965-9453
Chair, Board of Directors
Theresa Bielawski
MB Goodier, Effie Yeaw, and William B. Pond
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The Wildlife Care Association is an organization that rescues and helps many injured, sick and abandoned animals; they rehabilitate and release all kinds of wild animals from baby squirrels to raccoons, hummingbirds to crows, and even river otters.

WCA is a non-profit organization that helps wildlife by rehabbing and releasing animals. They help over 6,000 animals every year, animals are either taken by other agencies or by an individual. They help animals recover from injuries, sickness, they raise animals and teach them to hunt and survive on their own and once an animal can do so they release them back into the wild. They invite people to volunteer and intern, teaching them how to care for wild animals; encourage donations; and hold private and public events, including educational events for children!

What To Do

What to do when encountering an injured wild animal:

  1. Keep in a secure and dark container

  2. Keep warm (80-90 degrees)

    1. If animal is young place on heating pad (low).

    2. If animal is older place heating pad on half of the container for animals temperature preference.

  3. Keep quiet while around the animal and do not keep peeking in the container

    1. Will help reduce stress on animal, giving it better chances of survival

  4. Do not give it food or liquids

  5. Take the animal to a rehabilitator ASAP. Rehabilitators are specialists and can treat any animal regardless of size or health conditions.

“Wild Animals should NEVER be kept as pets! Please do not attempt to raise or keep wild animals, including birds. When young, they need specialized diets, will develop bone problems or get very sick if fed incorrectly. Young birds need to be raised with their own kind to be successfully released. Even if raised from a young bird, adult birds will damage their feathers in wire cages and will often die of stress. Wild animals NEVER make good pets” WCA.

Volunteer Contacts

WCA offers multiple volunteer and internship opportunities, including the unique and wonderful opportunity to work hands-on with local wildlife. These include:

For more information, please visit: http://www.wildlifecareassociation.com/volunteer/. If you wish to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

e-mail: wcavolunteers@yahoo.com Phone: 916-965-WILD (9453)

Issues While Volunteering

If you have an issue that arises while volunteering at the facility and want someone to talk with, please feel free to contat one of our Volunteer Liaisons Jima Martin

e-mail: bjmartin3@gmail.com

Phone: 831-601-2737 (leave message)



-Annual fundraiser since 2004. Held in Dec of every year!

Has silent auctions (200 baskets), raffles, gift shops, presentation

Owl Release

HERINGER ESTATES WINERY. Held in Sept of every year! 

During this event wine was sold by the glass by the owners who at the end donated all proceeds to the Wildlife Care Association Two owls were released that evening onto the property, just like last year. The owls that were released last year are still seen around the property today.

SACRAMENTO ZOO. Held in August of every year!

During this event three Screech Owls were released as part of a fundraiser

Avoiding Animals in Your Home

What to do to avoid wild animals in or around your home:

  1. Do not feed or give water to wild animals.

    1. Do not leave fruit on trees, trash cans open, etc.

  2. Do not put out sticky traps, poison, or pesticides.
    1. If an animal is poisoned or injured, take it to any animal rescue association.

  3. Do not create a suitable housing for wild animals.

    1. Block off spaces underneath your house and in sheds.

    2. Make it light and loud if you have unwanted nocternal animals.

  4. Donate to and/or volunteer with associations to help them help the wildlife and you


Donate on-line (http://www.wildlifecareassociation.com/donate/):

by credit card or Paypal

Please mail your donations to:

WCA P.O. Box 680

North Highlands, CA 95660

or we can accept donations in person at our intake facility located at:

5211 Patrol Road,

McClellan, CA 95652

10am - 6 pm daily

Wildlife Care Association is a local 501c(3) non-profit community service organization focusing on rehabilitating and releasing wild animals.


All photos are information are from the WCA Website.


This report was written for Cynthia Linville’s English 1A class at CSU Sacramento Fall 2011.