Founders of A Chance For Bliss: Deanna and David Bartley

7120 S. Forbes Road Lincoln CA 95648
Board of Director-President Elect
Rene Bender
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Tax ID #= 26-1452047

Wind Song Animal Sanctuary (formerly A Chance for Bliss) is a nonprofit  animal sanctuary. They offer "forever-homes" for cats, dogs, horses, goats, chickens, pigs and whatever other animals they have a spot for. They rarely let their animals be adopted. They are also in the process of developing other programs assisting animals in need and their people.  The mission of the organization is to keep the animals they receive and to create an amazing atmosphere for the remainder of each resident's lives. 


The organization was founded by Deanna and David Bartley in 2000. They created this organization after realizing their " affair and commitment to senior and special needs animals”. Over the past few years, the organization has gone through several administrative changes and relocations, but their mission remains the same, as do their commitment to the animal residents.

Wind Song is always looking for volunteers. Types of volunteers range from office duties to transportation.  Donations can be sent as checks or money orders maybe payable to Wind Song and mailed to the address or donated using PayPal. They is accepting anything that could be useful for these animals.