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Locations Phone
1539 J Street, Sacramento (916) 288-0970
1180 Galleria Blvd, Roseville (916) 788-2800
varies by location, typically 11am-11pm

PF Chang's is a popular Asian fusion restaurant located in Midtown across from the Memorial Auditorium, and in Roseville across from the Galleria at Roseville. Its menu consists of dishes from across Asia as interpreted by their chefs. Typically the food has a bit more flavorful of a kick than typical chinese restaurant fare. Their lettuce wraps are very popular. In terms of cost it is more expensive than a typical Chinese restaurant, but not by too much.

The interior decor is typically in earth tones with a retro-Asian element to it. The Roseville location has been described as Frank Lloyd Wright meets Genghis Khan.

P.F. stands for Paul Fleming, the founder of the chain. Chang comes from the co-founder's name, Phillip Chiang.

Originally taken from DavisWiki.


2007-02-20 19:58:02   It's ALL about the Asian Pear Mojittos and Lettuce wraps. Also beware — there is an open space (just above the sink) between the men's and women's restrooms — so you never know who's listening! —ElanorMangin

2007-06-11 21:34:26   The only thing Asian about this place is it's service. —Wilson

2007-06-12 16:02:20   I used to live in Walnut Creek and was sad to see PF Chang's come to town. Shortly thereafter most of the surrounding Chinese restaurants went out of business. I suppose they're the Walmart of Chinese restaurants. —CharlesMcLaughlin