"Andar the Sorcerer" is a professional entertainer magician, based in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Biography: Ernest is a native of Santa Cruz and began performing magic at 7 years old for family and friends. He soon began designing and constructing his own tricks and props and performed complete shows while known as "The Great Whodunit". He and a close neighbor friend invented the world's first Sidewalk Magic Show, similar to a lemonade stand, in which drivers and pedestrians would stop by and pay 0.25¢ to see a few magic tricks.


He further honed his skills by reading books by the master magicians and watching magic videos. At Cabrillo College, he studied theatre arts and showmanship. He worked at a magic and novelty store in Mountain View, Ca. where he would demonstrate magic to customers. In 2001, he began a professional magic career, calling himself "Andar the Sorcerer". His first, full-sized theatrical show was at Kennolyn Camp in Soquel for 100 kids and camp counselors. Then, he performed at private children's birthday parties and expanded to entertain all age groups. In 2004, he changed his stage name to "Andy ZAP! Jackson", which has been his nickname since high school. In January 2014, he produced, directed, and starred in his own public 2-hour stage magic show called, "An Evening of Magic and Illusion". In 2015, he auditioned for America's Got Talent. In 2023, he changed his stage name back to "Andar the Sorcerer".


Today, "Andar the Sorcerer" performs regularly for private parties, schools, retirement homes, businesses, non profit organizations., restaurants, community centers, outdoor camps, festivals, libraries, churches, hotels and resorts.


Co-creator of the world's first drive up, sidewalk magic show.

Member of the Society of American Magicians

Vice President of The Coastal Magicians Club of Santa Cruz County for two years.
Produced and starred in a 2-hour stage magic and illusions show at the Pacific Cultural Center.
Contestant in the Oakland Magic Circle's stage magic competition.
Inventor of dozens of original magic tricks and illusions.

Auditioned for America's Got Talent
To date, over 22 years professionally performing magic shows.


Quotes: There is magic everywhere, if you look for it!