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Runs from south to north from East Cliff Drive/Portola Drive to end Soquel Avenue. It then continues on the other side of Highway 1 from a cul-de-sac at the freeway, to Commercial Way.


Has bike lanes in both directions for 17th Avenue south of Highway 1. There are no bike lanes on 17th Avenue north of Highway 1.

Public Transportation

Bus route 66 travels part of 17th Avenue. Bus route 68N and bus route 66 cross 17th Avenue. The nearest bus route to 17th Avenue north of Highway 1 is Bus route 9 as it travels Soquel Drive near Dominican Hospital.


The only numbered street to be split when Highway 1 went through Santa Cruz County. South of Highway 1, the street address go as high as 2300+. North of Highway one, the street addresses start at 2600. The 2400-2599 addresses were taken away when the freeway went through. Since it was mostly a residential area, there wasn't enough traffic to need a bridge. There are several other street that are split by Highway 1.

Major Intersections

Restaurants and Shopping


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