Events of 2012

Santa Cruz Events during the year of 2012
Month, Day Santa Cruz Wiki Entry and Description
January 16 Mike Tomasi passed away.
January Beachway Inn & Suites established.
January Hoffman's Bistro and Patisserie featured on Restaurant Impossible.
March Hidden Peak Teahouse opened.
March 1 Akira opened.
April 1 To Thai For opened.
May Ristorante Barolo featured on Restaurant Impossible.
June 4 Cafe Amigo opened.
July Suda opened.
August Moving Pictures public artwork installed.
September Thai Heart opened.
September Rebecca's at the Tannery opened.
October 12 Oyunaa's Mongolian Cuisine opened.
October 15 Pizzeria Avanti opened.
November Bantam opened.
November 6 Pamela Comstock and Micah Posner elected to Santa Cruz City Council.
December Cutesy Cupcakes opened.
December Wood Fired Woodie opened.
  Sin Barras founded.
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