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Although the shows held are open to the public, 215 Storey is a private residence and should be treated as one.

Some of the bands that have performed at 215 Storey include: Prohibition Hearthrob, Little Green Monster, Fischer, Like Claws! (members of), Jason Clackley, Lemon Baby, Glass Cake, Watercolor Paintings, Girl Band, The Dear John Letters, It's A Trap!, Tad Poland, James Rabbit, The Pharmacy, Japanther, To The Bridge, Tigon, Calculator, Iji, The Myonics. Dan Potthast, Kitchen, Sunny Afternoon, Yetis On Film, Brown and Blue, Saucy Yoda, Elena Rossman, San Narciso, Starcircleanatomy, Feet Feet, Mythological Horses, Up Up , Botron, Power Axe, Scott Schaus, Carsandtrains, Ceschi, Bleubird, Tan Sisters Radio, Intergalactic Smugglers, Koalacaust, Screwdrive Suicide, Honey.Moon.Tree., Fishboy, Dennis Driscoll, Generifus, Green Flash, Woodsman, Young Prisms, Koalacaust, Jehovah's Fitness, Matador, Nessie and Her Beard, Aaron Godwater, Krustacia Kreacher of the Depths, Psychological Waste, Heavy Gardening, Cool Band Now, Shroedipus Rex, Roundabout , Christmas, Rosanna Zuckerman (films). Emily Doom (films), Julian Tully Alexander (films), Mike Rekevics (films), Nursery, and Death Sentence: Panda!.1


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