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30th Avenue Starts at East Cliff Drive (not far from the bay) and goes north for two miles. As 30th Avenue crosses Portola Drive, it does not align. The 30th Avenue south of Portola is closer to 32nd Avenue north of Portola than it is to 30th Avenue north of Portola. It crosses Capitola Road and dead-ends after Leotar Circle. The street is residential except at Portola Drive.

Bike-Friendliness There are bike lanes between Brommer Street and Portola Drive. There isn't a lot of traffic.

Public Transportation Bus Route 69 travels on 30th Avenue. Route 68 and Route 54 cross 30th Avenue at different points.


View of 30th Avenue.

Major Intersections

30th Avenue & Capitola Road is the only intersection on 30th Avenue that needs a signal light.

Restaurants and Shopping

There is a shopping area on 30th and Portola.


None on 30th Avenue.

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