Third Street in Santa Cruz, starts at the end of Beach Street as a one-way street to Riverside Avenue. Across Riverside Avenue, it is posted for Residential traffic and motel traffic only. It continues on through the Beach Hill area to Front Street. It is mostly known for parking for the beach and the Boardwalk.

A community garden project on Third Street in Santa Cruz.Where Third Street in Santa Cruz, crosses Riverside Street.

Truck turning from Beach Street to Third Street in Santa Cruz.: May, 2010In Watsonville, East and West Beach Streets used to be Third Street.


There are no bike lanes, but is fairly safe for bicycle traffic.

Public Transportation

There is a bus stop at the corner of Third Street and Raymond Street for route 7.


Third Street runs northwest along the right bank of the San Lorenzo River. A community garden is on Third Street.

Major Intersections

Third Street crosses Riverside Avenue. Third Street starts at Beach Street. Front Street

Businesses and Services

Third Street is mostly known for parking and residential areas.


:Google Map view of 3rd Street

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