Demonstrators lock arms to prevent police from entering the building. Photo by Bradley Stuart, November 30, 2011.

75 River was the name given to what would have been a newly created community center located in the space of a vacant former bank building located at 75 River Street after individuals "occupied" the space in November of 2011.

The event was promoted as a "march to a foreclosed solidarity with Occupy Santa Cruz", and was to begin at the steps of the Santa Cruz Court House on Water Street on the afternoon of November 30, 2011. Organizers of the march guided people first to the Chase bank on Ocean Street, and then to the location of the "foreclosed property", which in actuality was the vacant bank located at 75 River Street. Demonstrators locked arms and prevented the police from entering the building themselves, and the empty building was "occupied" it until the morning of Saturday, December 3. The electricity and water services to the building were on and working, and over the course of the occupation, several hundred community members entered and exited the building freely. Two parties were held.

In February of 2012, arrest warrants were issued for 11 people associated with the event, and the group of individuals quickly became known as the Santa Cruz Eleven.


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This flier was included with event announcements online.


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