Ann Marie Sayers at the Save the Knoll march on City Hall on August 25, 2011.

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Ann Marie Sayers, a Mutsun/Ohlone, was determined in August of 2011 by the California Native American Heritage Commission to be the "Most Likely Decendant" of the 6000 year old remains of an Ohlone child that were unearthed during the construction by KB Home on the knoll just above Market Street Field.

Currently, Sayers has been present at the burial site observing further archaeological work, but she has called for all earth moving to be halted. "I would love to see (the land) purchased by people who understand what sacredness is," she said in an interview with the Santa Cruz Sentinel, "KB Homes should donate it to the city or the county so it would remain open and no more burials be disturbed."1 As the Most Likely Descendant, Sayers does not have the legal ability to simply halt construction, she can only advise and make recommendations.

On August 21, 2011 she spoke at a meeting held at Grant Park that was orgainzed by the group Save the Knoll. She reiterated her desire for the digging to halt, and she spoke about how her mother told her that if a burial site was disturbed, the spirit of that individual is left wandering.

Sayers lives at Indian Canyon, which is an area near Hollister her family originally lived at during the Mission era. Indian Canyon is the only recognized Californian Indian Country, which is a designation that entitles an area to be governed by tribal or federal law, as opposed to state law. At the time of the missions, Indian Canyon was safe from those who rounded up native americans to be put to work. Sayers, with the help of friends, reclaimed some of the original Indian Canyon property in 1988.

Ann Marie Sayers (center) at the Save the Knoll meeting at Grant Park on August 21, 2011. Also pictured, Charlene Sul (left) and Cat (to the right of Sayers). The Save the Knoll meeting at Grant Park on August 21, 2011.

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