Aptos Creek upstream of the last bridge before entering the bay. Photo by John Pilge, 2009


Flowing 11.5-miles from the mountains, Aptos Creek flows southwest and then south through the community of Aptos to enter into Monterey Bay at Seacliff State Beach about 1 mile from Aptos Village.

Aptos Creek is the main drainage for the Aptos Creek watershed.

Coho salmon is on the state and federal government "threatened" lists and have been known to use Aptos Creek. Aptos Creek is recognized as a steelhead spawning and nursery stream. Aptos Creek is considered a "critical habitat" for both fish.

Existing fishing regulations allow fishing for steelhead in Aptos Creek from the mouth to the Steel Bridge between November 16 and February 28. Fishing is restricted to Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays, and the season opening and closing days. Only barbless hooks may be used and all caught fish must be released. The rest of the stream, upstream of the Steel Bridge on Aptos Creek Road, is closed to fishing all year.

Fish are regularly introduced to Aptos Creek from the state hatchery. The water quality of Aptos Creek is tested weekly to ensure the fish can survive.


The early Ohlone native Americans camped along this creek.


Aptos Creek has foot bridges, auto traffic bridges and a rail road bridge across it.


USGS topograpic map:

|Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
365811N 1215422W Soquel

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