Archibald Creek where it meets Swanton Road. Archibald Creek is an intermittent stream that travels 1.6 miles to join Scott Creek near Swanton Road about 1.25 miles from Highway 1. It is in the Swanton area north of Davenport, California. Archibald Creek is a subwatershed of Scotts Creek Watershed. A variety of birdlife has been found in the area of the creek including red-shouldered hawk, swallows and Vaux’s swift.


Named for James Archibald a farmer in the area. (His building used for making cheese is how Queseria Creek was named.)


The area is farmland and residential.


No public transportation to the area.


USGS map information

ID County Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map
Archibald Creek Santa Cruz 370315N 1221335W 23 Davenport

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