Ark Independant Studies are part of the Branciforte Small Schools Campus.

Education Level
840 North Branciforte Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Contact Number
(831) 429-3898

The following is from the website of Branciforte Small Schools Campus:

The Ark is a fully accredited alternative high school with 90 students. Ark students are self-disciplined and motivated students in grades 9–12 who are working toward a high school diploma. Students participate twice monthly in a seminar class, an advisory group, and individual meetings with the assigned teacher. During individual meetings students are given specific assignments, and course work is corrected and evaluated. Assignments are tailored to fit the individual student's interests and learning style. Students are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours each week completing their assignments at home, in addition to attending the seminar and advisory. The seminar and advisory support the students' independent work with instruction, tutoring, and academic and career counseling.

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