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City Locations Phone
Aptos (closed) 783 Rio Del Mar Blvd 1-800-622-8731​
Capitola 4055 Capitola Rd 1-800-622-8731
Santa Cruz 104 River St 1-800-622-8731
Santa Cruz 1901 Mission St 1-800-622-8731
Scotts Valley 4525 Scotts Valley Dr 1-800-622-8731
Watsonville 567 Main 1-800-622-8731
Hours (all locations)

M-Th 9am-5pm*: F 9am-5pm: a 9am-1pm

*Some close at 5:30pm

Please note: The 1640 Mission Street Banking

Center is closed both Saturday and Sunday.

All other locations are open the above listed hours.

1-800-622-8731 — For checking and savings.
Bank of America Corporation
1904 (As Bank of Italy.)
Payment Method
Cash, check, credit cards, and other.



The River Street Branch of Bank of America.

In 1904 Amadeo Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco, for the purpose of catering to immigrants. In 1928 Bank of Italy merged with Bank of America Los Angeles. By November of 1930, the new organization was called Bank of America. In 1998 BankAmerica Corporation, Bank of America 's parent company, was acquired by NationsBank Corporation, of Charlotte, North Carolina, which at the time was the largest bank in the United States. They adopted the name Bank of America. Bank of America continues to be one of the largest banking companies both in the United States and the world.

Bank of America was severely affected by the late 2000s financial crisis, primarily through its purchase of Countrywide Financial. Bank of America was forced to accept a Federal lifeline of $45 billion dollars as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Bank of America was able to stave off the crisis, and repaid the government in-full, plus interest, in 2010.

Bank of America does provide support, grants, and donations to local organizations and charities. In 2011, the bank awarded Community Bridges $7,000. The bank also sponsors various local events and community efforts to assist in fundraising for local causes.

Former Bank of America Banking Centers in Santa Cruz County include:

1240 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz - closed before the 1980s. Operations were transferred to 1414 Soquel Avenue, which was subsequently consolidated to the River Street Banking Center.

9486 Highway 9, Ben Lomond - closed sometime in the 1980s. Opened originally in 1970 according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, operations were consolidated to the newly built, permanent Scotts Valley Banking Center.

1134 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz - closed before 1994. This was Bank of America's first Banking Center in Santa Cruz County, and was in operation for over 70 years. In 1982 this location was offered Historical Landmark status.

1414 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz - closed sometime between 1997 and 1998.  This was the Santa Cruz Main Banking Center, after the Pacific Avenue branch. Operations were consolidated to the Banking Center on River Street, which was formerly a branch of Security Pacific Bank (acquired by BankAmerica in 1992).

806 Ocean, Santa Cruz - Closed circa 2010. Operations were consolidated to the Banking Center on River Street.

2010 Freedom Blvd, Freedom - this was an In-Store Banking Center. It closed sometime in 2006.

1465 Main Street, Watsonville - this was an In-Store Banking Center. It closed in 2012.




Building on the corner of East Lake Avenue & Main Street in Watsonville still has the Bank of Italy logo. When the name changed in 1930, the old logo was covered. This flower keychain from the 1960's shows the old Bank of America logo.

The building at 1134 Pacific Avenue, in Santa Cruz still has a  Bank of Italy logo over the doorway. It was a Bank of America branch for over 70 years. It is now a grocery store. You can see it and another closed branch of Bank of America at the Former Bank Buildings listing.

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